We create a wide range of accessories to personalize the experience of your favorite Helinox Chair.


Infatable headrests provide extra comfort and support for a more relaxing outdoor experience. Built-in low profile velcro panels easily attach to our high-back chairs.

Rocking Feet

Sold as a set of two, our range of Rocking Feet are compatible with most chairs for ultimate comfort and a totally rocking experience.

Ground Sheets

Ground sheets spread the load, providing a wide footprint that helps prevent sinking or tipping on soft and uneven ground. Perfect for sand.

Ball Feet

Increase the footprint of your chair in soft ground to help resist sinking. Ball Feet are an easier-to-clean alternative to Ground Sheets when conditions are muddy or wet. Sold as a set of four.

Chair Anchor

Strong, lightweight DAC aluminum stake is simply pushed into dirt, sand, or turf for secure anchoring. Quick release attachment lets you move your chair and keep your stake in place. Great for windy conditions.

Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain's sturdy loops keep lanterns, leashes, water bottles, wet towels, and other camp essentials organized and off the ground.

Personal Shade

Personal Shade delivers protection from sun with a intelligent and minimal design that attaches to most Helinox Chairs. 


Our complete range of insulated warmth products use 100% recycled polyester insulation & fabrics.