Extra Roomy Chairs

These are the big Kahunas, the extra roomy chairs you need when you’re going to sit all day. Their wider and deeper seats offer plenty of space to spread out and – along with the wider arms – deliver support you can lean into. They’re featured with cup holders and headrests, but still pack up small, set up easily, and are built to take anywhere. There’s even a bigger version of our original Chair One designed with a look that fits right into your home.

Maximum Comfort

Made from our advanced materials – DAC aluminum poles and strong 600-weave polyester seats – our extra roomy chairs support up to 320 pounds, deliver superior durability, and are easy to care for. The single shock-cord frame design makes set-up intuitive, fast and easy, and all of them are easy to store and carry. Find the one you need, take it where you want to go, and get comfortable.


We’ve designed our seats to deliver as much support and comfort as possible while maintaining minimal weight and bulk. Strong frames support your body, the sturdy base lets you lean back without tipping over, and the wide-seat design gives you room to move. Sitting higher up off the ground keeps you warmer, drier, and makes it a lot easier to get in and out of your seat, and our materials and construction won’t sag or bend, so your chair stays comfortable for years.


Our chair frames are built with ultra lightweight and exceptionally strong DAC alloy poles. Developed for high-end backpacking tents, this advanced pole technology is exclusive Helinox in the camp furniture field. Hubs and joining components are molded using a high-strength nylon and engineered for maximum precision to create solid, secure pole attachments.


Everything we make is built to last and backed by our five-year warranty. We’re committed to keeping you in your seat, sleeping on your cot, and sitting at your table for years and years. And durable performance is planet-conscious – these are not products that will be tossed into a landfill after a season or two of use.


Simplicity is difficult. It takes discipline to pare our chairs to their essential components while providing features like cupholders and headrests, but it is the path we choose so we can create chairs that provide superior support and comfort but remain easy to transport. Simplicity is also beautiful. Our discipline also results in our distinctive streamlined aesthetic – a look that easily transitions from backcountry to urban patios. This discipline has been rewarded with many industry and global design awards.